The RT-5000 transceiver with C-5000 control is a communication system that covers six frequency bands normally requiring multiple radios.  The C-5000 is the cockpit control and display and the RT-5000 is the remote mounted transceiver.  The C-5000 can control multiple RT-5000 RT units or other Wulfsberg radios.  The display appearance of modes and frequency on the C-5000 is appropriate for the capabilities of the transceiver installed.

The RT-5000 is organized in six frequency bands covering 30 MHZ to 960 MHZ.  All the commonly used FM two-way radio bands and aircraft VHF and UHF are covered.  The type of modulation, bandwidth, power level, PL tone function, and squelch level can be programmed for each frequency.  Normally, preset channels are programmed, with all the parameters selected, to make it easy for the operator.  A manual mode is also available.  Transmit power is typically 10 watts. Low power can be selected as needed.

There is an extra position within the RT-5000 for an optional guard receiver.  The part number suffix reflects the type of guard receiver installed.  The guard receivers are single channel crystal controlled receivers except -0501 which is a synthesized receiver covering the same range as the transceiver.  The synthesized guard receiver is a duplicate of the main receiver and is programmable from the C-5000.

The RT-5000 system also includes optional tuned antennas.  The tuned frequency of the antenna is controlled by the RT-5000 serial data buss and matches the operating frequency.  The tuned antenna greatly improves the efficiency of the physically short antenna at the lower end of the frequency range.  The antenna tuner device, which is actually a data converter, receives the serial data and controls switching of capacitors and inductors within the antenna.  The tuning action is instantaneous.

Two antenna jacks are installed on the RT-5000.  The TNC connector serves for UHF frequencies above 400 MHZ and the type N connector is for VHF frequencies below 400 MHZ.  Usually different antennas are used, for UHF and VHF, or at least different jacks on the same antenna. Programmable discrete output lines from the C-5000 can be used to control RF relays if necessary to select antennas for each channel.

MBT Electronics provides overhaul and repair the RT-5000 RT unit.


Additional Information

Important Key Details

  • MBT Electronics cannot issue an FAA form 8130-3 for the RT-5000 due to the lack of technical data and factory support for field repair. The RT-5000 radio is treated like military avionics with no approved data available. MBT Electronics issues a Certificate of Conformance and Test Data Record.

  • Numerous “software levels” exist depending on the age of the RT-5000. MBT Electronics repairs the RT-5000 as it exists without endeavoring to do any updates or software changes.

  • Approval for “return to service” is left up to the customer. This service is for customers and situations where FAA certification is not required or where “field approval” can be obtained at the time of installation. Public Service, foreign military, experimental, restricted, surface vehicles, ships, troubleshooting spares, temporary installations, may not require FAA certification.

Advantages for The Customer

  •  MBT Electronics accepts almost any radio for repair regardless of age or condition. Radios previously deemed BER can be brought back to useful service.

  • MBT Electronics applies 40 plus years of bench experience to each repair. High quality is maintained. Maximum reliability of the repaired radio is the goal. 


400-015525-0101   No guard receiver

400-015525-0201   30 to 50 MHZ guard receiver

400-015525-0301   138 to 174 MHZ guard receiver

400-015525-0401   406 to 512 MHZ guard receiver

400-015525-0501   30 to 960 MHZ synthesized guard receiver


121-016587-01   AT-50

121-016796-01   AT-51

121-040045-01   AT-5000

153-017851-01   FC-550

Tuner Unit (Data Converter)

153-016586-01   FC-50

153-040047-01   FC-5000

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